A Wildrence and Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries collaboration

Join us this fall to experience murder mysteries in our immersive space.

At our Murder Mystery Experience, there's no sitting around a table reading from a script. You’re up on your feet the whole time, looking for clues, exploring the space, and making choices about who to share information with. It’s like being at a regular party…except that you’re playing an exciting, intricately drawn character with secrets and objectives, and trying to solve a murder, of course (or, if you’re the murderer, trying not to get caught). 

Enjoy a night of role playing and puzzle solving with complimentary hors d'oeuvres and themed cocktails!


- 10 players -

Chaos erupts when the Sheriff is found dead in a lawless Old West saloon. Bounty hunters, outlaws, and the deputy compete for control with the townsfolk caught in the middle.


- 10 players -

It's cocktail hour on a reality dating show and everyone is buzzing to see who'll get tonight's rose. The bachelor, Chad, is a worthy prize... at least he was before he became a corpse. But the show must go on, even without the man of the hour, and it's up to the girls to find out who killed Mr. Perfect before the killer strikes again.


- 8 players -

Set in a bleak landscape where an intergalactic rebel Coalition battles the dictatorial Regime, Captain Jay's crew is thick as thieves--that is, until someone goes missing 3 days into deep space.