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a storytelling space & consulting studio


We (empower people to) tell stories through the creation of unique spaces.

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A thoughtfully created storytelling space in the Lower East Side.

Five unique areas, from floor plan, vintage furniture to wall sconces, all designed and curated by Wildrence. It is a space full of surprises.


Events at Wildrence

Elgin Park

Stitching immersive theater and sound design, intimate storytelling and ornate miniature scenic installation, Elgin Park is a live, theatrical, 360 degree, cosy yet mysterious ghost story about family, imagination, aloneness, and the spirit and magic that lives within a small community. Read more

A co-creation with Drew Petersen

The bunker

Disaster struck.  You slept.  And when you awoke, everything had changed.

Journey one hundred years into the future after a catastrophic event has ended the world as you know it.  Scavenge supplies, seek allies and explore the mysterious wasteland: The toxic ruins of New York City.

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A Collaboration with Broken Ghost Immersives


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The Rogues Gallery

Unleash your inner villain in this fully immersive evening of world conquest and inevitable betrayal!

Inspired by the golden age of comic books, THE ROGUES GALLERY casts you in the role of an infamous villain and lets YOU determine the fate of the evening. Will you form an evil alliance and crush the competition? Or unleash a Doomsday Device onto an unsuspecting world? Get Tickets

A Collaboration with Broken Ghost Immersives

Six Impossible Things

Six Impossible Things is a sensory magic experience. You don't watch the show; you ARE the show. Your guide is master sleight-of-hand magician Joshua Jay, and you will experience magic that feels REAL in our totally immersive environment. This magic show is unlike any you have ever seen. Best of all, the show is INTIMATE. You will witness sleight-of-hand magic with just twenty other guests per show. Every seat is a front row seat.   Read More...

Starring Joshua Jay




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