Six Impossible things

Six Impossible Things is a sensory magic experience. You don't watch the show; you ARE the show. Your guide is master sleight-of-hand magician Joshua Jay, and you will experience magic that feels REAL in our totally immersive environment. This magic show is unlike any you have ever seen. Best of all, the show is INTIMATE. You will witness sleight-of-hand magic with just twenty other guests per show. Every seat is a front row seat. 

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Speakeasy Stocks

We at The Underground Society have brought you here for a business proposition. We provide a safe location for all folks to drink and be merry. Here you can exercise your true capitalist desires. The Underground is a safe haven for the illegitimate to do legitimate business with one another. In exchange for the freedom to do what you do best we ask you to follow 3 simple rules: No Deaths, No Thefts, and The Rule of the Underground is Kept.

In our world there are two types of people: Stock Brokers & Mob Bosses. There is not much room for anyone else. Stock Brokers bring their wealth to the Underground to supply the Mob Bosses with the capital they need to produce their specialized product. Mob Bosses will create the booze that will be consumed by the masses, and a reasonable return on investment.

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Collaboration with Ironmark Games

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The Bunker

A choose your own adventure nestled in the ruins of post-apocalyptic Manhattan with over 256 unique endings.

War has driven you into a confining, underground community stocked with beer and canned beans to weather perpetual nuclear winter. Compete and collude in this Malthusian confrontation of finite resources and infinite intrigue. Explore the wasteland above and craft meaningful relationships with its monstrous inhabitants.

The Bunker combines features of escape rooms, immersive theatre, board games, tabletop roleplaying and video games.  It features live and digital performances, puzzles and an immersive environment where your decisions build the story.

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Werewolf (also known as Mafia) is the classic social deduction game of hidden roles and moonlit murder. You will take on the role of one of 20 villagers. Enjoy the atmosphere, and company, and the drink.

But beware. For some among you are not what they seem.

A tiny cabal of deadly creatures hides in plain sight — known only to one another. And each night, they will claim another life.

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