Through the Wren is an immersive theatre experience where twelve audience members journey through a parallel world inspired by Gothic Romance and Dark Fairytales.  

Upon your arrival at Galloway Manor, you become a house servant; surrounded by a crumbling, yet lush English estate. Your exploration and curiosities unveil the manors' darkest secrets and sweet reveries.

In our story, there are four main interwoven narratives. This guided experience gurantees one complete story arc; connecting you intimately to one of Manor's residents. 

As you read love letters, drink house-made concoctions, rummage through suitcases, and peruse through drawers, you will notice Grimm’s Brothers influence in character archetypes and tone. Our story also defies preconceived conventions of the genre by having a LGBT Gothic Romance at its center; giving the piece a classic, but modern feel.


About Your Experience:

-The performance lasts 1 hour 15 minutes without intermission. You will only be able to use the restroom during the pre-show portion of the experience. 

-Because of the immersive nature of this world, audiences may be standing and or moving quickly throughout the space for several minutes at a time. We recommend comfortable footwear. 

-Audiences may experience thrilling moments of psychological suspense. This may include eerie sounds, instances of flashing lights (including strobe lights), fog, and darkness. 

-You will likely be separated from your party. 

-Our performers may touch you and interact with you. We ask that you keep a safe and respectful distance. 

-Because of our house-made concoctions, no person under 21 is admitted. All participants must present a valid ID at the door or will be turned away without refund.

-Our location isn’t wheelchair accessible at this time.

Producers Melody Rodriguez, Jake Ruhl, Wildrence LLC

Artistic Directors, Creators, and Writers Melody Rodriguez, Jake Ruhl

Ember - Annelise Nielsen 

Damian Galloway - Colin Hinckley 

Victor Huntington - Justin Chesney

Viola Galloway - Alicia Buxton


Director Melody Rodriguez

Choreography and Co-artistic Direction by Lucile “Frak” Graciano 

Spatial Design by Wildrence LLC

Through the Wren: Main Theme by Barbara Anselmi 

Featuring Sylvia Földes-Berman on Violin

Original Artwork & Logo by Ilich Henriquez