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Shot and Edited by Gesar Dorji


An immersive performance and gameplay experience set in a mirrored reality where coastal cities are going underwater, temperature increases have caused nearly all vegetation to disappear, and natural disasters are wreaking havoc across every continent. Every day is a struggle to survive. Yet in a world that’s collapsing, one ruthless billionaire mogul, Alex Ayers, has found strategic ways to thrive through the crumbling economy and environmental apocalypse, amassing her wealth off the backs of the impoverished. Say what you want about Alex's tactics, with civilization in shambles she’s succeeded where nearly all others have failed, and now she wants to see who else has what it takes to thrive. The call has gone out, and now it is your chance to see if you can demonstrate the same traits that lead to Alex’s prosperity. Most will fail, but those who pass her test might just earn the reward of a lifetime.


Refuge is a Wildrence project
Game and Experience design by Wildrence and Storyplex
Narrative development by Storyplex
Technology development by Ari Novack
Technology support: Victor Wang, Harry Chen
Communications support: Danni Lee



Trailer by Tyler Sparks


A long-term immersive work that will run in episodic format that audiences can witness the series unfold over time.  Each new episode expands on the previously crafted narrative, which is being devised from scratch, so there is an ever-expanding storyline with new characters and the continuation of existing characters’ trajectories over time.

Be part of the story...

Audience members will begin their journey at your bar on an hourly rotation of 5 at a time. 


Conceived and Directed by Kelly Bartnik
Written by Kelly Bartnik, Donna Costello, Jeff Lyon, Zach Martens, Tori Sparks
Produced by Kelly Bartnik, Wildrence LLC, Lisa Leighton, Tori Sparks

Expedition Yellow

@Pax unplugged

Wildrence, in collaboration with Ironmark Games and Liveware Lab, proudly presents Expedition Yellow, an immersive adventure featuring engaging puzzles and uncanny happenings. Expedition Yellow debuted at PAX Unplugged 2017, and will be installed at The Mist. Subscribe to our mailing list for updates on how to join the expedition.

Collaboration with Ironmark Games and Liveware Lab

Photos from the event