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Through the secret blue door down to the basement, your fate awaits at the 1920's Underground Society.

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An unmarked envelope containing your ticket to the Masquerade Ball was placed in your mailbox. Someone wants you there, but you don’t know why.


A Murder Mystery Dinner Experience designed just for your group.

Your experience starts when you receive our first email. Choose your adventure, and we will guide you through our speakeasy venue. A three-course meal and bespoke drinks will be ready upon your arrival. However, don’t let your guard down as you are among other hidden roles…

Be alert and may you succeed in a 3 hour murder mystery gameplay.

The winner shall be granted a rewarding prize!



Important Notes: 

-Please give us at least a three week advance notice so we can plan the best experience for you. 

-We will try our best to accommodate your preferred dates, however, dates are first come first served at Wildrence due to high amount of projects here!

-There is a flight of stairs in the venue and some of the rooms are quite small.

-You will also be asked to move about the rooms so please keep mobility issues in mind.


Please fill out the form below if you are interested in having our custom packaged Murder Mystery Dinner Experience. Package starting at $150 per person.

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Please select the game you wish to play depending on your group size, and we will be in contact shortly.