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A singular experience. Crafted for you.

“We went down this rabbit hole together, and I wasn’t holding back.” - Melanie (Playtest Participant)


Journey Lab & Wildrence come together to bring you an unforgettable, completely interactive, solo experience. Dive deep into the world of Syntax Industries, a company making waves in applied technologies and artificial intelligence. You are invited to be the first human to interact with their newest prototype in artificial intelligence. What can you teach this AI? What will you learn?

An entirely bespoke experience crafted specifically for you. One hour of organically created material based completely off of your interactions and responses.  An optional survey will be available to further customize your experience.


Produced by:

Journey Lab & Wildrence


Victor Carinha

Alyssa Kim

Creative Directors:

Jae Lee

Yvonne Chang

Creative Producer:

Maya Maniar

Technical Lead:

Matt Ross

Conceived by:

Victor Carinha

Michaela Holland

Alyssa Kim

The experience will take place at:


59 Canal Street Basement, New York, NY 10002

Show Runs April 17th-April 21st


 Due to this being a one-participant experience, tickets are non-refundable and you must be on time for the start. Late arrival may result in the cancellation of your experience. We will do our best to reschedule if this happens, but cannot make any guarantees.

About Your Experience

  • This is a completely immersive and interactive experience designed for one person (single participant) at a time, and not couples and/or groups.

  • The performance lasts 1 hour without intermission. You will only be able to use the restroom during the pre and post-show portions of the experience.

  • Audiences may experience thrilling moments of psychological suspense. This may include eerie sounds, instances of flashing lights (including strobe lights), fog, and darkness.

  • This experience is not meant to be a form of therapy or a professional psychological exam of any kind. Sensitive topics may arise, but complete confidentiality will be honored.

  • Minimal physical contact.

  • Our location is not wheelchair accessible at this time.

  • A printed ticket is not required for entry.


You are to be the human counterpart to the artificial intelligence being developed by Syntax Industries, a giant in applied technologies and artificial intelligence. You will be the first human to communicate with this system. What impression will you make?

This experience may go in many directions, as it will be based solely off of your interaction. This is meant for those desiring grounded, serious play.

*This experience is in development and is being treated as a workshop production.