The Rogues Gallery


The Rogues Gallery


Unleash your inner villain in this fully immersive evening of world conquest and inevitable betrayal!

Inspired by the golden age of comic books, THE ROGUES GALLERY casts you in the role of an infamous villain and lets YOU determine the fate of the evening. Will you form an evil alliance and crush the competition? Or unleash a Doomsday Device onto an unsuspecting world? YOUR actions shape the story, – just make sure you have a plan for when the “heroes” show up to topple your schemes.

THE ROGUES GALLERY is a one-of-a-kind experience that combines roleplaying games, immersive theatre, and social deduction games into a choose-your-own-narrative framework that never tells the same story twice. Unleash your inner villain in an evening you will never forget!

"…one glorious evening of scum and villainy." -Edward Mylechreest, No Proscenium

- Created by Austen Anderson and Ian McNeely

- Directed by Dan Rogers

- Production Design by Gwendolyn Kelly

- Doomsday Design by August Luhrs and Arnab Chakravarty

- In Collaboration with Wildrence

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Please note:

  • To ensure the best experience, events are subject to cancellation if the minimum audience member number is not met.

  • There is a flight of stairs in the venue and some of the rooms are quite small, so please keep mobility issues in mind.

  • Your experience will begin promptly at the designated hour. Absolutely no refunds offered.

  • Must be age 21+. Complimentary refreshments.

  • Run time: About 2 hours.

You can fill out the Waitlist Form below if the event is sold out.

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