The Bunker

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The Bunker


The Bunker is an immersive, Live-Action Adventure Game for up to 15 participants.  It combines features of escape rooms, immersive theatre, board games, role playing, and video games. It features live performance, digital engagement, stark choices, and a reactive story crafted entirely around the decisions you make.
What will you have to do to survive in The Bunker?  

Disaster struck. You slept. And when you awoke, everything had changed.

Journey one hundred years into the future after a catastrophic event has ended the world as you know it. Scavenge supplies, seek allies, and explore the mysterious wasteland, the toxic ruins of New York City.

- Created by Broken Ghost Immersives

- In Collaboration with Wildrence

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Please note: events are subject to cancellation if the minimum player number (8) is not met.

You can fill out the Waitlist Form below if the event is sold out.

Broken Ghost Immersives produces live, interactive performances inspired by games in Brooklyn. We are currently workshopping three immersives in rotation: The Wake, The Rogues' Gallery and The Bunker.

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