The Bunker

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The Bunker

from 30.00

A ticket to The Bunker, an immersive choose your own adventure set in a dystopian future. Make new friends as you drink from the Bunker's plentiful liquor cabinet!

- A collaboration with Broken Ghost Immersives.

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A choose your own adventure nestled in the ruins of post-apocalyptic Manhattan with over 256 unique endings.

War has driven you into a confining, underground community stocked with beer and canned beans to weather perpetual nuclear winter. Compete and collude in this Malthusian confrontation of finite resources and infinite intrigue. Explore the wasteland above and craft meaningful relationships with its monstrous inhabitants.

The Bunker combines features of escape rooms, immersive theatre, board games, tabletop roleplaying and video games.  It features live and digital performances, puzzles and an immersive environment where your decisions build the story.


Broken Ghost Immersives produces live, interactive performances inspired by games in Brooklyn. We are currently workshopping three immersives in rotation: The WakeThe Rogues' Gallery and The Bunker
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