Good Times at Wildrence: Speakeasy Stocks

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Good Times at Wildrence: Speakeasy Stocks


A ticket to our May Good Times at Wildrence: Speakeasy Stocks.

This Good Times is a beta test for Speakeasy Stocks, a collaboration with Ironmark Games.

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Speakeasy Stocks is an immersive game where the secrecy and allure of a speakeasy bar becomes the perfect breeding ground for backroom deals between the mobsters and brokers.

We at The Underground Society have invited you for a business proposition. We provide a safe location for all folks to drink and be merry. Here you can exercise your true capitalist desires. In exchange for the freedom, we ask you to follow 3 simple rules: No Deaths, No Thefts, and The Rule of the Underground is Kept.

In our world there are two types of people: Stock Brokers & Mob Bosses. Stock Brokers will use their wealth to ply the Mob Bosses with the capital they need to produce their specialized product. Mob Bosses will create the booze that will be consumed by the masses, and in turn pull a reasonable return on investment. Come join us and share in the wealth! The true question is, who will you be?



Ironmark Games
Ironmark Games is a new company creating unique games for all types of players. They’ve designed award winning board games, exciting live-action event games and cultivated a friendly community for people to enjoy many forms of play. Ironmark’s first board game “San, Ni, Ichi” has been praised for its quick, but deep strategy and gameplay. Their megagame “The World Turned Upside Down” has been selling out in venues and conventions all over the country, exciting players to be a part of American History.  
Ironmark is currently working on their anticipated follow-up board game, “The Duel: Point of Honor,” which will be hitting Kickstarter this summer. They’re also collaborating with groups like Wildrence to build more exciting and immersive event games for NYC and beyond.