New York Immersive Challenge


New York Immersive Challenge


Three Days. International Artists. A New Immersive Experience.

This August 9th-11th, gather with international artists in New York for an immersive theatrical "hackathon", a 48-hour sprint to create a new immersive experience. Participants will show off their individual talents, then work together to create new scenes and experiences, with guest artists from San Francisco's Epic Immersive and New York's Wildrence leading the process. On Sunday evening, the new work will be presented to the public.

Artists will get to spend the weekend working at the incredible Wildrence space. An custom-built immersive environment, Wildrence was featured at the 2019 Immersive Design Summit as a leading new complex for incubating new immersive work. Designed for experiential innovation by architects Yvonne Chang and Jae Lee, Wildrence has hosted marquee immersive experiences like the immersive magic show Six Impossible Things, the post-apocalyptic thriller Bunker, and a mysterious, family-friendly promenade Elgin Park.

The weekend will be led by Wildrence and Epic Immersive, who will be leading guests through their process for rapidly creating highly-collaborated, large-scale devised immersive work. Part intensive workshop and part open-ended hackathon, The New York Immersive Challenge will take guests through the process of creating a full, epic immersive experience in just three days, while creating the space for highly individual explorations and creations that forge a true new ensemble experience which showcases each of its participants' unique genius and talents.

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Below are some general information you should be aware of for your challenge weekend.

  • Your ticket grants you entry and participation in the 3 day weekend challenge. However, it does not include travel, room/board, and food.

  • The location is not wheelchair accessible at this time.

  • There are no refunds or exchanges.

  • This event is for ages 18 and up.