Elgin Park


Elgin Park

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Elgin Park is a 70 minute immersive promenade play for an intimate audience of 20 participants.

Stitching immersive theater and sound design, intimate storytelling and ornate miniature scenic installation, Elgin Park is a live, theatrical, 360 degree, cosy yet mysterious ghost story about family, imagination, aloneness, and the spirit and magic that lives within a small community.

When Paul Smith seemingly disappears without a trace, Michael starts down a path of amateur sleuthing and clandestine detection to discover the truth about where to and why Paul has vanished. Along his journey, with the help of dozens of Elgin Park citizens, a curious (and sometimes foreboding) communal identity of the town materializes, Michael’s own sleepy and nostalgic past is dug up, and an answer to the question, ‘where does the heart of magic lie?’ is uncovered.

  • Elgin Park is created by  Drew Petersen, Jae Lee, and Yvonne Chang.  

  • Based on the work of Michael Smith.

This performance is created for ages 10 and up.

General Admission tickets are for one 17+ years old person.

GA + Young Person tickets are for one 17+ y.o. person and one 10-16 y.o. person.

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Below is some general information you should be aware of before your visit to Elgin Park.

  • The performance does not have an intermission and will start from the moment you enter the space. There will be a bathroom available for emergency situations, otherwise it will not be accessible until the end of the performance.

  • Audiences may experience thrilling moments of psychological suspense. This may include eerie sounds, instances of flashing lights (including strobe lights), fog, and darkness.

  • Our location is not wheelchair accessible at this time.

  • A printed ticket is not required for entry.

  • There are no refunds or exchanges.

  • Please wear comfortable footwear and be prepared to move throughout the space.

  • To ensure the best experience, events are subject to cancellation if the minimum audience member number is not met.